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With its coniferous and deciduous forests, flower meadows, steep slopes and vast snowy fields, Trebević is attractive in both summer and winter. This is the mountain where, as well as on Jahorina, the Fourteenth Winter Olympic Games were held. Trebević belongs to the Dinaric mountain system. The massif of this mountain is about 12 km, and the width is about 8 km.

The highest peak of Trebević is at 1,629 m above sea level, and the effort invested in conquering the peaks of Trebević rewards the visitor with a beautiful and panoramic view in all directions. When the weather is nice, the view from the highest peak of this mountain stretches so far that it is possible to see the contours of Javor, Zlatibor, Maglić, Durmitor and Zelengora. To the south and southeast, Trebević leans on Jahorina, and is separated from Romanija by the river Miljacka. Some authors consider Trebević only an extension of Jahorina, and even Jovan Cvijić wrote about it.

Completely reconstructed regional road Pale – Lukavica goes through Trebević. The configuration of the land provides a wealth of landscapes suitable for rest and recreation. The flora on Trebević is very rich and diverse, except on the southern sides, which are mostly rocky and bare.

The forests are mostly evergreen, although there is no shortage of deciduous ones, and in addition, medicinal herbs and alpine flowers stand out, which produce incredible scents and adorn the meadows of Trebević. This mountain is ideal for walks, cycling, excursions and barbecues. There are several catering facilities and several accommodation units (bungalows), and in addition there are children’s playrooms, courts for small and adventure sports, as well as hiking trails.