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Gastronomic offer

What characterizes the gastronomic offer of the Pale region is surely homemade and traditional cuisine. Huts, hearths, homemade meat, dairy and cereal products are something that must be seen and tasted. Homemade bread made of wheat, rye and barley, plain bread, puff pastry, donuts made of wheat flour, poleguša pie (gibanica), sirnica (cheese pie), zeljanica (spinach pie) and burek (meat pie) stand out, and all pies are necessarily served with sour milk. Also popular is cicvara made of corn flour, and salted kaymak, as well as pura (kačamak) (polenta) with jomužni kaymak (sour cream from uncooked milk). What is authentic and traditional for the Jahorina and Romanija region is keške (or ćeške) which is prepared by placing two hazel twigs on the bottom of the pot, which are sprinkled with deviated barley, and usually chicken or hen’s meat (or even lamb) is placed on it, and finally a layer of barley is sprinkled on it again.

All this is cooked from morning to night until the meat decomposes, then removed from the heat and mixed with a wooden mixer until the barley and cooked meat are combined. In these regions barley is often used for soups (barley soup with dried meat or chicken, carrots, onions and a spoonful of kaymak), and in addition to barley soup, bean soup also stands out. Sauerkraut from a tub with dried meat (or ribs) leaves no one indifferent. This dish is prepared by putting a row of cabbage in a pot, then a row of dried pork and cooking it long enough to soften everything. Kalja (goulash) (potato sauce) is very often found on the menu of the Romanija region, as well as baked or boiled potatoes.

Of the traditional meat dishes, the most attractive and most famous is certainly raw meat roasted on spit (the famous Romanija lamb from the spit) and meat dried on smoke (pork and beef pechenitsa, lamb stelja, dried kid), as well as veal or lamb under the bell (‘sač’), and skewers (meat, bacon, onion, mushrooms). To this can be added raw boiled meat or dried ribs. There are also game specialties or trout from the Miljacka spring. Dairy products include sour milk from wooden pot, cheese from wooden tub, salty kaymak from wooden tub, and sweet kajmak from unboiled milk.

Salads include sauerkraut or fresh cabbage salad, cucumber salad, onion and egg salad, radish salad and others. For gourmets there are traditional delicacies such as fruit compotes, sutlija (‘rice pudding’), pear jam, as well as various forest fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, wild cherries and sour cherries), and traditional drinks include homemade blueberry or dogberry juice, and homemade brandy (mostly pear, plum and cider). As a modern tourist place, the municipality of Pale, in addition to a rich traditional gastronomic offer, boasts of a large number of restaurants offering international and famous dishes of world cuisine, as well as famous wines from domestic and foreign wineries.