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The municipality of Pale is a university, tourist, but also a sports center where many national athletes are prepared and trained, but also those from the region (such as the men’s and women’s volleyball national team of Serbia, skiers, runners, mountaineers and others). In addition to the favorable climate and altitude, Pale can also boast of a large sports hall Peki, which has all the conditions for training and holding international sports competitions, as well as a sports and recreation center Olimp, which includes sports fields.

. This municipality has an enviable number of sports tournaments, camps and events, the most famous of which are: Ambassador’s Race, Race of Famous Jahorina Lovers, Jahorina Ultra Trail, Veterans Race, Termag Challenge Race, FIS race on Ravna planina, Majnex Cup – Ravna planina, Biathlon Championship, Red Star Football Camp, Piksi Cup, Grawe Three Points Basketball Camp, Football Tournament, Futsal Tournament, 3×3 Street Basketball Tournament and various martial arts tournaments.