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The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Pale was founded in 2019 in order to perform the activities of promotion, encouragement and development of the existing and new tourist product, as well as developing awareness of the importance of tourism. The main mission of our organization is to improve the general conditions for tourists to stay, and to provide information to tourists in the area of the municipality of Pale. The seat of the Tourist Organization is in the center of Pale – Vuka Karadžića bb St. Our organization has actively been working on raising the quality of tourist and other complementary services by designing a complete tourist offer.

Thanks to its natural characteristics and accommodation capacities, the municipality of Pale has a huge tourist potential, and its encouragement has positive effects on the entire economic and social system, as well as positive effects on ecology and environmental protection. The activities of the Tourist Organization are based on the principle of achieving public interest in the field of tourism, whose main goal is to promote the tourist potential of the municipality of Pale. This, among other things, refers to the promotion of original values ​​of the Municipality such as traditions, customs, ethnological treasures, and encouraging and organizing activities aimed at protecting and maintaining cultural and historical monuments and other material goods of interest to tourism and their inclusion in tourist offer. One of the activities is the creation of preconditions for the valorization of tourist resources of Pale, and cooperation and coordination with economic entities engaged in tourism and other activities directly or indirectly related to tourism, all with the aim of jointly agreeing and implementing tourism development policy, and its promotion within the development strategy of the municipality of Pale. Also, the focus of the work of the Tourist Organization is the promotion and organization of cultural, artistic, sports and other events that contribute to the development of the tourist offer of Pale.

PI “TOOP” /Public Institution “The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Pale”/ has an enviable cooperation with associations and non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism, as well as with other tourist organizations from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to have a better insight into the results of its work, the Tourist Organization processes statistical data on the number and structure of tourists in the municipality of Pale, and conducts surveys and other types of research in order to determine the quality of the tourist offer in this municipality. Our organization collects and processes data for the purpose of informing tourists, which is why, in terms of tourist activities, it is a kind of information center. Thanks to the serious and dedicated work, the Tourist Organization actively participates in defining the goals and development policy of the entire municipality of Pale.

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4. juni bb 71420 Pale

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+387 57 230 919

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