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The municipality of Pale has long inherited the tradition of a climatic health resort and an air spa. The climate of the municipality of Pale is the result of its geographical position among the Dinaric mountains, altitude, great forest wealth and vegetation cover, hydrographic features, exposure of the relief to air circulation and other factors that have a positive impact on the microclimatic characteristics of the municipality of Pale.

These properties have a favorable effect on human health, especially the microclimatic characteristics of Jahorina. A recovery center for the treatment of exhausted and sick workers was established on this mountain at the beginning of the 20th century. The same was done on Stambolčić not far from the center of Pale. The district treasury was given land in Koran in 1914 to build a convalescent home for tuberculosis treatment, but these plans were thwarted by World War I.

According to popular belief, Kadino vrelo (today one of the most famous picnic areas in Pale) was named after a woman called Kada who suffered from tuberculosis and was cured by drinking water from the spring of the Prača. Even today, many come to Pale just to get some fresh air. Pale mountains, forests, springs and untouched nature are suitable for treatments for lung, heart and nervous diseases, anemia, obesity, most diseases of the modern age caused by stress, as well as for recovery after operations or injuries. In addition, wellness & spa centers and relax arrangements provided by many Pale hotels complete the story of Pale as a health resort. The municipality of Pale is very rich in forest fruits of various species and various mushrooms. Of the forest fruits, Jahorina blueberry and dogberry juice are widely known for detoxifying the body.

Many species of medicinal plants grow in this area (bitterwort, thyme, chamomile, mint, lemon balm, nettle, ragweed, thorns, rose hips and many others). According to some theories, the plateau of Romanija has more different types of plants than the entire United Kingdom. It is not surprising that the famous Jovo Mijatović (Jovo Travar) was in this area, a herbalist who cured many famous people around the world with Romanija herbs. Today, many tourists who come to Pale do not come because of skiing, panoramic gondola rides and six-seater, mountain bobsleigh or nightlife. They come to breathe the air and rest in nature.