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Teqvoly Winter Cup on Jahorina

The Teqvoly Winter Cup will be held at the Olympic Jahorina on February 13, 2021. The form of the tournament, which will be played at TEQ tables, is in mixed doubles (men’s and women’s), group and knockout phase. The main organizer of “ACAR Events” and co-organizer of OC Jahorina say that the final preparations for a top sporting event and experience are underway and that the winners and all participants in the tournament will receive valuable prizes.

The organizers of the tournament on the Olympic mountain hope for good moves, top-notch entertainment and most importantly, respect for all epidemiological measures – which is the basis for safety and uninterrupted maintenance. Registrations for the tournament are open at e-mail: and phone number 062 / 997-822 . The number of participants is limited, and the prize fund is 1,000 KM.

Teqvoly is an urban sport based on volleyball and table tennis, and is played on a special curved table, the so-called TEQ table. The sport was founded in Hungary in 2012, and the rules require that four players participate, ie two per team, regardless of gender and age. The sport follows a point-scoring format and can be played on a variety of surfaces: concrete, sand and acrylic; indoors or outdoors. BiH is a country that organizes this sport for the first time on the snow, so the tournament on Jahorina will be a real seizure.

As for other rules, Teqvoly as a sport allows players a maximum of three touches, as is the case in volleyball, and the ball must then be transferred to the opponent’s half, ie the curved surface on the other side. One of the key rules is not to allow physical contact between the player and the table, thus minimizing the risk of injury. According to current announcements, this sport could get “Olympic” status as early as 2028.