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The “Dolina mira” Ethno Village

The “Dolina mira” is an ethno village located just a few kilometers from the center of Pale. It is a perfect place for rest and recreation in nature, and in addition it offers accommodation in the form of five large apartments (log cabins). In the complex there is a large restaurant with over a hundred seats and a rich gastronomic offer of local specialties. Next to the restaurant there are two artificial lakes with fish. Domestic animals and domesticated deer roam freely throughout the complex. Around the “Dolina mira” there is a walking path several kilometers long that passes through the forest and connects this ethno village with the picnic area Goli Koran which is located in the immediate vicinity.

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Kadino vrelo

At the foot of Jahorina (7 km towards Podgrab) there is perhaps the most beautiful picnic area in Pale – Kadino vrelo (Kada’s Spring). It is located in the upper reaches of the river Prača in untouched nature and as such is a great place for a picnic or barbecue in nature. The spring can be reached from two directions – from the direction of Podgrab or from the direction of Jahorina. There are legends about the healing properties of the water from Kadino vrelo. The place is a closed type, you can rent it for camping, all-day gatherings, celebrations, etc. There is a mountain house with all the necessary inventory and a large covered space for socializing, so the sudden rain showers can bring nothing but refreshment. There is also a two-room facility on the picnic area, which is owned by the Jahorina Forest Farm. Kadino vrelo is one of the most visited places during the summer tourist season in Pale.

The Spring of Miljacka

The spring of the Paljanska Miljacka is a place where you can refresh and relax. The beautiful nature and clean air are exceptional, so it is not surprising that this spring has long been attractive for vacation. The waterfalls at the spring of the Paljanska Miljacka are a magical sight and sensation for the senses, and the environment is ideal for a good picnic, barbecue, recreation and the like. The quality of this mountain water is very suitable for trout, and not far below the spring there are fishponds and restaurants that are a real pearl of Pale’s tourist and gastronomic offer. This complete area is unique and magical. The riverbed is lined with tufa and moss, creating an incredible contrast of colors, and coniferous forests and fresh air are a real oasis during the summer heat. Not far from the spring of the Miljacka are the remains of a medieval fortress.

The Nikolići Fishing Lodge

The sports and fishing complex is located at the foot of Jahorina on the banks of the river Prača. This place is ideal for those who love fishing, as well as for beginners in the sport. In addition to sports fields and a landscaped place for barbecue and skewer, this sports and fishing complex has a facility with a capacity of up to 80 seats. As a part of the organized rental of the facility, it is possible to hire professional staff for storing and serving food.


At the foot of Jahorina and near Podgrab there is the sports and recreational complex Ploče. It is located on the banks of the river Prača, which, although a mountain river, has a calmer flow of water in that part, which created the preconditions for making a natural swimming pool. In addition to the swimming pool, this sports and recreational complex has improvised fields for futsal, badminton and beach volleyball.

Goli Koran

Na samo nekoliko minuta od centra Pala nalazi se izletište Goli Koran. Ovo je park prirode sa lijepo uređenim trim stazama duž kojih su postavljene klupe. Sa Golog Korana se pruža nevjerovatan pogled na urbani dio Pala, a prateći sadržaji, uključujući i teretanu na otvorenom, pružaju potpuni ugođaj sportistima, rekreativcima i izletnicima.


The entire area of ​​Romanija can be called one big picnic area and nature park. The famous Starina Novak, whose cave is today a tourist and historical attraction of the municipality of Pale, roamed this mountain. Below Novak’s cave there is a Novak’s field – a clearing ideal for camping. Every year, St. George’s Day dawn is organized on this glade, and Novak’s spring (source of mountain pure water) is nearby. Many adventurers, athletes, alpinists and recreationists visit this mountain regularly from spring to autumn. Hiking trails leading to Novak’s Cave or to hunting lodges and facilities intended for excursions and vacations in nature are neatly marked.