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The municipality of Pale has a large number of cultural, artistic and entertainment events. The most famous are The Gusle Evening (‘Musicians Storytellers’), St. George’s Day Dawn, International Flute Festival, Days of Duško Trifunović, ULJUP Art Colony (‘Art Lovers Association’), Art Simposium Art Colony, Jahorina Film Festival, Russian Film Review, Meetings of Serbian Countries, Days of the Faculty of Philosophy, Motor Games, The Feast of Assumption (it lasts for several days and is celebrated through various manifestations, concerts and events related to the day and glory of the municipality of Pale), the Baby Conference (started in Pale, and then spread to the entire Republic of Srpska), Pale Winter, Snow Magic (skating rink and accompanying facilities).

In addition to numerous manifestations, the night life in the municipality of Pale is quite rich. Nightclubs, bars, pubs, wine shops or restaurants in Pale, Ravna planina or Jahorina promise good fun.