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The Spring of Miljacka

The Paljanska Miljacka springs southeast of the center of Pale on the northern slope of Ravna Planina and at an altitude of about 1,010 m in the form of stronger karst springs of the gravitational type. Mountain streams murmur in their cascades and in a magical forest ambience descend down the riverbed and ravines until they merge into a single river that flows into the Pale plain.

The beautiful landscape and clean air are exceptional, so it is not surprising that this spring has long been attractive for vacation. When heavy rains fall or when the snow from Jahorina begins to melt, these spring streams gain strength and intensity.

From the spring to the canyon of the Paljanska Miljacka there are several tributaries, of which the Jahorinski potok, the Rapišnica and the Bistrica stand out. In the high and rocky canyon two rivers merge – the Paljanska Miljacka and the Mokranjska Miljacka, which springs under the branches of Romanija.

Therefore, it can be said that this is a combination of two mountain rivers (Jahorina and Romanija), thus creating the famous Miljacka, which flows quickly and with many falls and cataracts. At the spring of the Paljanska Miljacka, the water is almost always at the same temperature – from 6 to 6.5° C. Due to its clarity, low temperature and increased mechanical contact with the air on rapids and beeches, there is sufficient oxygen saturation.

The waterfalls at the spring of the Paljanska Miljacka are a magical sight and a sensation for the senses. The quality of this mountain water is very suitable for trout, and not far below the spring there are fishponds and restaurants that are a real pearl of Pale’s tourist and gastronomic offer.