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Ravna planina is one of the most important centers of the tourist offer of the municipality of Pale, and it is an integral part of the Jahorina complex. This landscape is naturally isolated, rich in forests, flora and fauna. From Pale, across Ravna Planina, to Jahorina, there are marked hiking trails. This mountain has always been a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, and the morphology of the terrain provides opportunities for organizing and holding sports and tourist events (both in summer and winter). The Ravna Planina ski center is only 3 kilometers away from the center of Pale. 12 km of ski slopes have been arranged, and the main slope, 1,400 m long, is used to hold FIS races. This ski resort is connected by a Nordic skiing trail and a snowmobile trail, with the possibility of recreational alpine skiing.

Ravna Planina has developed tourist and sports potentials, and has a ski lift, ski kindergarten, baby lift, ski rental, ski service and ski school. A special adrenaline offer is a zip line ride, and we should mention cycling and hiking trails, swimming and fishing in lakes, walking on water in balls, pedal boat rides, tourist train rides through untouched nature, visits to the Omladinska Cave (the Youth Cave), renting a place for barbecue and other. In addition, what classifies Ravna Planina a regionally known tourist center is certainly the gondola (cable car). The gondola ride to the top of the main slope is a real sensation. At the top of the main slope there are artificial lakes that are used for making artificial snow in winter and as an oasis of peace and recreation in summer. From this locality there is an incredible view of Pale, Romanija and Jahorina. The Ravna Planina ski center also has enviable restaurant capacities and a rich gastronomic offer.