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Jahorina in winter

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Jahorina gives people all its goodness and beauty of nature through all four seasons. Jahorina firs, spruces and pines greet the visitor at every step and fill their lungs with clean mountain air. In autumn beech, oak and maple show their red, orange and yellow colors, and snow begins to cover the peaks of Jahorina, announcing winter. When winter comes, the mountain begins to shine in full splendor. Thousands of skiers, adventurers and tourists follow the Jahorina trails. Everyone is welcome on Jahorina and there is a place for everybody.

The highest peak of the mountain is on Gola Jahorina – Ogorjelica (1,916 m above sea level). The place is influenced by the Mediterranean and continental climate, which creates conditions for many snowy days. Jahorina boasts first-class alpine slopes and Nordic trails for day or night skiing. The slopes are suitable for both beginners and fans of more extreme skiing. In addition, there is a panoramic gondola or six-seater ride, and the mountain is arranged according to the standards of world ski resorts and boasts ski lifts, schools, rentals and luxury hotels with a rich gastronomic offer and good nightlife. This is the mountain where the XIV Winter Olympic Games were held, and it is certainly the most important tourist destination of the municipality of Pale and the Republic of Srpska.