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Podcast 2 from Jahorina – How to improve your skiing technique

Is it possible to learn to ski on your own? How to choose the right equipment, there are so many skis in rent, shops, what decides? How to choose a ski slope according to your skiing level? Find out the answers to these and other ski questions in the new episode of the podcast “OC […]


Illuminated hiking trail on Jahorina

The novelty of this season on Jahorina is certainly the hiking trail that leads to the top of the mountain where the Olympic bar and lake are located. From the top of Jahorina there is a beautiful view of the Olympic mountains Igman, Bjelasnica and Trebevic, as well as the surrounding Ravna mountain and Romania. […]


Skiing on Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Ravna planina and Vlasic with one ski pass

An agreement on cooperation between four ski centers was signed on our Jahorina – Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Ravna planina and Vlasic. The agreement is reflected in a unique map that is valid for skiing on over 100 km of trails in these four ski centers. It is a ticket 10 in the season that can be […]


Teqvoly Winter Cup on Jahorina

The Teqvoly Winter Cup will be held at the Olympic Jahorina on February 13, 2021. The form of the tournament, which will be played at TEQ tables, is in mixed doubles (men’s and women’s), group and knockout phase. The main organizer of “ACAR Events” and co-organizer of OC Jahorina say that the final preparations for […]